Commissioner Michael Grieco recently presented Doebler with a key to the city to thank him for bringing the issue to the city’s attention. “This is garbage that pollutes our waters, that clogs our drainage system for flooding,” Grieco said. “This is something that I have taken to heart, that we as a commission have decided that we’re going to make it a huge priority.” Grieco added: “Mother Nature gave us a 10 when it comes to Miami Beach, and we’ve turned it into a six. And we have the responsibility to bring it back up.” Mayor Levine commented “By the way, David wants to have screens put in front of all the drains on the street which would stop the trash from going down…what do you call them…gratings. I think we should name them Doebler Grates.”

Video of my Mayor and Commissioners awarding me the Key to the City along with their comments on my work – fast forward to minute 34 of the “March 12th” meeting video here :